Sunday, March 19, 2017

Flotsam & Jetsam #3

      Chuck Berry, one of the founders of rock and roll, died yesterday. I aw a headline saying something to the effect of “Chuck Berry Tragically Dead at 90.” Can someone who makes it to 90—well passed the Bible's allotted three score and ten—can die tragically. Maybe I am being harsh here, but the headline struck me funny. One thing not striking me funny is y belief black singers of the '50's and '60's did more to integrate America than any marches or protests. You cannot force people not to hate, but it is certainly difficult to hate something as fun s rock and roll or rhythm and blues. Change he culture and you change the country.
     At the beginning of March Madness, I tweeted my annual, 100% accurate prediction. The prediction was, as it always is, I will not fill out a bracket. I do not follow college basketball, so I have no interest in the championship tournament. Yet I am still subjected to friends griping over their brackets having been ruined by an upset. My Facebook time line was filled with such travails as I learned y beloved University of South Carolina Gamecocks unexpectedly knocked the Duke University Blue Devils out the tournament. Way to go, Gamecocks!
      We are going to look back on self-identifying as a gender as a silly fad, but the psychological damage it caused will sadly remain.
      I knew of Lorde, but could not name any of song songs if my life depended on it until I saw her perform on Saturday Night Live last week. I liked both her songs from the show. I looked up more f her songs on YouTube and liked most of them. The same for Father John misty a couple weeks back. It is tough for me to become interested in new music thee days. Whether music is generally bad thee days or I am simply at the age at which I do not like new things was not clear. Now it is nice to know there is still some good stuff out there I can appreciate.
      I do not understand the intense interest in Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo's future. He is over the hill, fragile, and never lead the team to a Super Bowl. Mayer Romo is the final piece a team like the Denver broncos or the Houston Texans need to seal the deal on a Super Bowl run, but I doubt it. Especially not with Romo's bloated salary. He would probably be wise to seek out a broadcasting career instead of chasing a long shot championship ring.

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