Friday, March 17, 2017

Colin Kaepernick is Kaput

     Colin Kaepernick, the former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, has a couple problems. The first is he hates the United States. According to him, the country is abominably racist. To protest against the racist oppression, Kawprnick used his status as a black man who became wealthy playing a kid's game to conspicuously kneel during the national anthem before every game. Kaepernick's second problem is now that he is a free agent, no team wants to sign him because of his protest.
      Kaepernick saw the writing on the wall, but a bit too late. He announced near the beginning of free agent signing he was willing to now stand for the national anthem. Whether Kaepernick now understands actions have consequences changing your mind cannot always stave off is a question only he can answer.
      I am not naive. There are plenty of NFL players suiting up every week with drug arrests, domestic violence issues, and assorted other criminal problem, including murder. Michael Vick even went to jail and came back to play. The NFL will look the other way on just about any baggage a player has as long as he can play at a high level. The fact is Kaepernick is not much of a player in the first place. The anthem protest baggage is simply enough to discourage an on the fence team fro signing him. What team wants to face unnecessary fan backlash over signing a mediocre player?
     On the pus side for Kaepernick, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says all immigrants are welcome. Should Kaeprnick decide to be one of the few—maybe the only?--celebrity to actually move to Canada because of last November's election results, he will be welcomed with open arms. But would he be a good fit for the CFL? He must can the vegetarian diet his radical girlfriend forced on him. In the NFL, you cannot compete without protein meat.

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