Monday, March 13, 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mulls a Senate Bid

     Arnold Schwarzenegger is considering a run for the Senate after engaging in a twitter scuffle with Donald Trump over the president's request for National Prayer Breakfast attendees to pray for Schwarzenegger because of low ratings for his Celebrity Apprentice. Schwarzenegger recently opted not to return for another turn as host. Now he is looking for something else to do as he enters his 70's.
      The good news is Schwarzenegger is the only Republican who can win in California. The bad new is Schwarzenegger is the only Republican who can win in California. Hindsight says his turn as governor was a huge disappointment. After a decent start attempting to implement conservative policies, he ran into liberal opposition and caved. He was so bad, voters decided hi successor should be 840 year old relic Jerry Brown. The more realistic view is Schwarzenegger is a man without a party. He is too liberal for Republicans and the Democrats have too deep a bench to bet it all on him.
      Schwarzenegger could be planning to run as an independent. It is a move unlikely to work. Considering the beginning of a trump feud, he might be banking on the unpopularity of Trump, who only managed about a third of the popular vote in the Golden State. But that will not be enough when you consider the baggage coming with the candidate. The biggest being the illegitimate son from his former housekeeper.
     But I say Schwarzenegger should go for it, anyway. A Senate run as a Republican will force Democrat to spend money on a Senate seat they believe is in the bag. A run as an independent might split the vote enough for him to win with a plurality. A moderate independent who caucused with Republicans would still be better than anyone the Democrats will run.
UPDATE: (March 14th) Arnold nixes a Senate bid.  Maybe he read my   post?

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