Monday, February 27, 2017

Weighty Matters Revisited

     Like last time I posted a hair growth update, the well ran dry on humorous analogies for my current hairstyle. Brown AstroTurf, maybe? Whatever you might like to compare it to, my hair is steadily growing back fro its unfortunate shearing a while back. Here is to no further barber mishaps.
      On an oddly similar line when you think about it, I have also begun a new effort to put on weight. You may recall I was tuck with a feeding tube fro January 2013 until February 2015. The feeding tube was removed pending my discharge from the accrued nursing home. The feeding tube was the biggest boost to my weight I ever experienced in my life. At its peak, I weighed in at 112 lbs. My weight quickly dropped to 105. It has been all over the place the lat two years, but never reached 105 again.
  So I am going to work on it. I am currently taking a trial run with a mild appetite enhancer. I am also downing four Ensure a day. The appetite enhancer and Ensure are in addition to all meals and any snacks I care to eat. The appetite enhancer is certainly working its magic. There have been no problems fitting all this stuff in thus far. I am more optimistic about weight gain than I have in a while. For one thing, the tube feeding I used to receive was the equivalent of only three Ensure and the progress with it was impressive.
      You know what is not impressive? The strawberry flavored Ensure. It is way too icky sweet. If you are ever in a spot where you find yourself regularly drinking Ensure, stick to the chocolate and vanilla. Just take my word for it. Skip the strawberry flavor!

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