Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trump's First National Address

     President Donald Trump's first national address was solid and effective. What he needed to do was show himself as the serious grown up who could unify the country into a spirit of optimism. He accomplished both. As odd as it is to consider normalizing a necessity, Trump effectively projected statesmanship. If it did not seem absurd to compare a businessman with a large ego to a genocidal dictator, the Hitler comparisons must now shift to the far left fringes.
     Not that the realization has dawned on the Democrats yet. A few of Trump's harshest critics—there is much competition for the distinction—sat out the speech. Any Republicans who acted the same for a Barack Obama speech would have been branded racists. The Democratic party is in the middle of a true identity crisis. Note their dead silence when Trump declared as president, he looked out for American interests, not the world's. Do Democrats know, as elected officials, their job is to pursue the nation's best interests? To look at the deep sorrow evident on Nancy Pelosi's face throughout the speech, I would guess not. 
      Two things do worry me under the rationale of not liking who saluted when Trump ran two proposals up the flagpole. One, the trillion dollar infrastructure spending plan. Yes, the national infrastructure is crumbling. But the idea of spending a trillion makes me cringe. Democrats like the idea because of the potential graft. We are talking about some enormous potential corruption involved in the process. Two, paid family. I know this is Ivanka's pet issue, but it will be a burden to small businesses.
      I can handle those issues, though. Trump is a businessman. He knows to always ask for more than you expect to get. If Trump can save us billions by deporting illegals and promote growth through tax cuts, I can handle allowing new mothers to draw unemployment for a while. Maybe it will promote the birthrate and shore up Social Security.
     Trump has impressed me thus far. I do not regret supporting him over one of the more traditional Republican candidates. I am still no convinced he is a conservative. Then again, I was not convinced John McCain or Mitt Romney were, either. But I am convinced Trump is a patriot who is open to good ideas. It is hard to go wrong with that combination.

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