Monday, February 20, 2017

The Violinist Dilemma

    You wake up groggy and in pain. You have no idea where you are or why you feel so badly. A doctor appears and tells you to relax. He needs to explain something important to you. There is a world renowned violinist who needed a kidney transplant, bt none where available. Because the violinist was on the verge of renal failure, the medical team decided the two of you could share a kidney, thereby saving the violinist's life.
      The good news is you now have choice. Because it was a violation of medical ethics to perform the surgery without your consent, you can choose to have the procedure immediate reversed. You will be fine, but the violinist will die. But if you remain attached for nine months, you can be removed safely and the violinist will also be healthy enough to survive o his own. So what do you choose to do?
      I am certain you figured out by now this scenario, implausible as it may be, serves as an abortion allegory. It is particularly apt for those pro life advocates who re against abortions even in cases of sexual assault. There is no established answer to the above scenario, but it can be interesting to reconcile your answer to it with your views on abortion.

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