Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Chrome Needs Polishing

    I switched from Firefox to Chrome back in 2011 when the former would not allow me to permanently increase font size for easier reading n my lone, legally blind peeper. It was ay to annoying to either adjust to every page or struggle without. I remain skeptical Firefox did not feature such a function for visually impaired users, but I quit looking for it and began using Chrome. Chrome allowed users to adjust font size across the board from the menu bar.
     Chrome only got better for me over the years. I discovered a high contrast extension which converts every web page to a high contrast color pattern. Light text on dark backgrounds works best for me, so pretty much every page is white on black. With few exceptions of places where I must turn it off, the internet looks to me like my blog does to you.
      Those few exceptions usually involve a script not getting along with the extension. I hope I am not getting too technical there. The problem does not arise often. When it does, it is usually because the extension needs an update. Chrome has been good about updating, so problems with web pages generally do not last long. Which brings me to the current problem. It is one definitely testing my patience.
      Blogger dashboard no longer loads for e. I looked to Google for troubleshooting to find out other users are having the same issue. I followed the suggested advice in order of simplest to devastating even if it works, but nothing did. The issue is, of course, the high contrast extension. I deleted every other extension in the hope one of them was the culprit. No such luck. All the other extensions were expendable. The high contrast is not.
      So for however long it takes Chrome to fix the problem, I am resorting to using Firefox exclusively to post blog entries. To be fair, Firefox has come a long way with its aids for the visually impaired. The browser merits a second look. But I am a creature of habit low to adapt to change. I would rather Chrome eliminate its bugs. But we will see what happens.

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