Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Searching for Dragons to Slay

     January 2017 was my best month yet in both post output and number of visitors. Thanks to everyone who made the latter possible. While I started the blog nearly three years ago, it has only grown in recent times as I have begun to get y old groove back. It would appear blogging in general has faded as a popular pastime. At least it seems that way among the group of bloggers with whom I once associated. Oh, well. Things change.
      Do they ever. It is only because life settled down in recent months I have been able to concentrate on making a blog worth reading. At this point, I have slayed enough dragons in getting the story o myself in recent years out there for writing to be fun rather than the emotionally draining, but therapeutic exercise it was originally intended to be.
   What I never intended was for the blog to become a political blog again. I really hoped to broaden my horizons while occasionally donning my political scientist hat when events warranted. Naturally, as son as I declare I will not write about day to day politic, day to day politics becomes a fascinating subject to write about. So it gos in the Trump Era. How could I resist covering a former reality TV star president who keeps his campaign promises to conservatives while sending liberals into hysterical fits the likes of which I have never seen? Trump's effects on political culture is the only reason I retain any real interest in politics these days.
      Since my political coverage is fueling my logging surge, it is tough to stray too far away from it with other content, but that is what I want to do. More waxing poetic on various bric a bra. One of the luxuries of blogging with a small audience is the ability to experiment without the fear of losing large numbers of readers. Back on my old blog when I was getting thousands of visitors a day—still not a lot, mind you—I often felt trapped by my success. I feel a lot more independent these days. It will be interesting to see where the feeling of freedom takes us.    

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