Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Photo Opportunity

     The above photo was snapped seconds after the infamous picture that began circulating of President Trumps chief adviser Kellyanne Conway sitting on her legs on the Oval Office couch reading her smart phone. She was actually preparing to take a photo of Trump with fifty presidents of traditionally black colleges for social media.
    We can debate proper decorum all day long and never reach a conclusion s to whether whether Conway should place her feet on the oval Office couch. I personally do not care and would not if Michelle Obama st like that, either. It is not a partisan matter. It is how you define the necessary level of reverence for the Oval Office. But this is not the issue surrounding the photo's controversy.
    The real issue ought to be why the scenario was presented as Conway suiting causally on the oval Office couch seemingly checking her text messages like a teenage girl while ignoring all the important people around her? Trump meets with fifty black college president and the story is Conway is sitting awkwardly on the couch?
      I will offer two concessions here. One, it is social media that ran wild with criticism of Conway. Twitter in particular was brutal and vile. Trending discussions on social media need to be taken with a pinch of alt when weighing their importance. Two, most of the media coverage has been about how the issue has been blown out of proportion, generally social media. So there I media push back on the matter.
    Nevertheless, when the story should have been about Trump's outreach to the black community, it is instead about Conway sitting on a couch. The story was arguably manipulated, as well. Conway was not kneeling on the couch reading her phone while ignoring everyone around her. She was preparing to take a photo. If the media is going to run a secondary element f what should be the story, at least present it accurately.

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