Friday, February 17, 2017

Obey the Walrus

      I normally embed these videos, but this time around, the screen cap reveals too much. So I am going to offer up a link to Obey the Walrus.  You should read the rest of the post to decide if you are an intrepid enough soul to click the link. So what is the big deal? Obey the walrus has been around since 2005 when it was posted on eBaum's. The video first migrated to YouTube sometime in 2008. Nine to twelve years ago is ancient history in internet terms, but Obey the Walrus has an alleged back story that still intrigues the uninitiated.
     Obey the Walrus is aid to be created by a Brazilian cult called La Morsa, which is Spanish for walrus. Interesting, since the predominant language of Brazil is Portuguese. There is also said to be a sect of La Morsa in Germany. The video's unsettling imagery and even more unsettling music supposedly hide a subliminal message compelling the user to harm himself or others. But is this the case? Of course not. I could not even resist critiquing the mismatch of language and location of origin of the cult before getting to an analysis of the video itself. There is no proof the cult exists, much less it placed a cure on the video.
      Do not get me wrong. Obey the Walrus is disturbing. It opens with an animation of Andros, a villain from the Starfox video game series, singing a warped version of the “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” the song becomes more distorted and even runs backwards as images of the polio stricken, cross dressing Goddess Bunny performs a creepy dance with a parasol. The mood set by the weird music combines with our natural revulsion to deformities to create a frightening experience. Obey the Walrus remains a favorite for reaction video even today. So watch at your own risk.

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