Thursday, February 2, 2017

Life is a Game with Snakes on Every Level

       It is a fair statement to say life is a game with snakes on every level. I am confident if there is a grand plan, we are not privy to it. I did not get the memo, at any rate. Any posts have demonstrated y thoughts to that effect. Many more will. So there is plenty of time to look into the former idea. about the latter?
     As mentioned yesterday, I a in a better place mentally and emotionally than I have been in year. It is largely due to being cut loose from environments I allowed to control me rather than conquer them. These days, I cast a solitary figure even more than at any time when my INTJ personality ran on a generous leash. It is highly satisfying to do your own thing for a while after a long ordeal.
     In a day to day “real” life, one often fantasizes of not being forced to deal with 95% of the people they encounter. I know I certainly did. My problem was and still I an impatience with social norms. I a obviously not including the numerous pains in the behind you normally must deal with, either. Or at least I used to, before now retiring to the Hermit Cave.
       It will not last forever. Nothing ever does. Some snakes already tried to sneak in here and there in recent times before being bludgeoned into submission by yours truly. But I am going to enjoy the peace while it lasts. How many snakes will I encounter during the next level? Probably a bunch.

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