Thursday, February 16, 2017

Flotsam & Jetsam

      Flotsam & Jetsam is going to be a periodic collection a topics I want to cover, but probably do not merit individual posts. There will probably not be any coherent theme between the topics. They are simply topics that I would normally pass over because what I have to say about them is too much for twitter, but not enough for Blogger. But content is content, folks. I do not want to miss out.
      I watched Donald Trump's press conference today and enjoyed the heck out of it. No one was expecting the conference to be productive, least of all me. It was going to be a battle for dominance. The White House press corps came prepared to launch an ambush. Trump was braced to go on the offensive. The press always had the most to lose. They have been doing such a poor job lately of presenting facts, public opinion of them is at rock bottom. By aggressively dismissing the press as fake news, Trump shored up the support of his base and increased skepticism of what the press reports. It was a wise move on Trump's part.
      There is a new/old development fro a source of journalism far more significant than the White House press corps. Naked women have returned to the pages of Playboy. Slumping sales of the tamer content finally confirmed the lie men read the magazine for the articles. Though in reality, the lie may not be confirmed. Sales were sluggish even when the magazine featured nude women, but it also featured some of the best writers, cartoonists, and photographers in the business. Playboy not only jettisoned the nudity, but the writers and cartoonists a well in an effort to trim the budget. Bringing nudity back will not do much to reverse the general trend of print magazines going extinct in favor of online content.
      The board game Monopoly will retire its first token in 83 years of existence. Fans voted in an online poll to retire the thimble. The token's retirement is fine with me. No one wanted to play as the thimble. Other tokens may be retired as well with plans to add more updated tokens like a computer and different animals. Can you imagine future tokens of a smartphone, a pair of basketball shoes, and a bottle of Xanax?

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