Thursday, February 9, 2017

Explaining the Future

       If you could go back in time ten years for the purpose of explaining what transpired over the last decade, what would be the hardest thing for someone to believe? For the sake of actual discussion, it is reasonable to exclude the development of time travel or the wisdom of utilizing it for as mundane a task as explaining the curiosities of recent history. Shall we just presume stranger things have happened?
      We certainly cannot skip the presidency. Barack Obama was already a rising star with White house buzz surrounding him, but I cannot pinpoint off the top o my head when his ascendancy became a mainstream fact. There was still probably much skepticism about Obama in early 2007. At this point, it would probably surprise more people Donald Trump was elected president than Obama was. I am still puzzled by the turn of vents myself.
       Self-driving cars, maybe? The development of flying cars would be more impressive. People would probably feel safer in a car they could pilot through the skies than one on the road they could not control. Ironic because of the risk and weir because chauffeurs are a luxury Cab drivers are a bigger risk for accidents than self-driving cars.
    How about the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years? The last time the Cubs were world champions, the ottoman Empire still existed. Maybe the Boston Red Sox winning in 2004 would lessen the surprise? I doubt it. The Cubs were still the butt of jokes right until the last inning of the 2015 World Series.
     Movies faithfully reproducing comic book becoming bug business would surprise me on a personal level. As a devout comics fan from the '80's on, I suffered through many terrible adaptations under the assumption the public at large would not “get” comics. Not so. There is a new Star Wars trilogy with the original characters featured prominently. Of course, Disney now owns both Marvel and Star Wars, so the company is raking in all the cash.
    This is mostly what I would be skeptical of hearing back in 2007. Your mileage may vary. Note social changes is not a topic I am inclined to discuss. How do you explain Bruce Jenner earned a Woman of the year award because one can now self-identify as a gender? I cannot imagine anyone would want to make such a thing sound reasonable.

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