Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An Exercise in Narcissism

     My usual holiday selfie was posted yesterday. I often use holiday selfies as new profile photos. Yesterday's is not particularly suitable since it prominently features a box of Valentine's candy. If I want an updated profile photo, another selfie is necessary. So I took a new selfie. It is y new Facebook profile photo. I am also posting it here because this is my blog and I can be as narcissistic as I want to be on it.
      If anyone is interested, the new photo offers a chance to further chart my hair growth after my recent shearing mishap. In the past few weeks, my appearance has progressed from peach fuzz with a bad dye job to Chia pet. I am at a loss for a humorous comparison this tie around. It is beginning to look decent again.
     I do not recall if I mentioned the recent elevated blood pressure problem that emerged at the beginning of the year. The top number was consistently elevated. Not to hypertension levels. More on the high end of normal. If the numbers remained elevated over an extended period, some light medication might be prescribed. This sort of thing happens when you hit forty, and high blood pressure is present on both sides of my family. Nevertheless, the numbers have returned to the 120's from the 140's as of late. Knock on wood the numbers stay there.

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