Monday, January 30, 2017

Yanking Yates

     Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, a Barack Obama holdover appointee, issued an order for the Justice department not to defend Donald Trump's temporary travel ban from seven terrorist sponsoring nations. So Trump promptly fired her this evening for not fulfilling her duties. Yates should have expected her termination would happen. What else would one expect from a guy whose catchphrase is 'you're fired?'
       Of course Yates expected to be fire. I do not buy into the assertion from idealistic leftists claiming she wanted to be a martyr in the cause of resisting perceived racism against Muslims. It is far more likely she was going the Megyn Kelly route of making a name for herself going up against Trump to boost her job prospects. Look for Yates all over MSNBC before taking up her new job as counsel for a Wall Street firm. Bonus points awarded if it is Goldman Sachs.
     Yates firing was justified. She failed in her duty to defend a lawful order meant to defend the security of the United States. Im agine if a George W. Bush holdover attorney general had refused to allow the Justice department to defend Obama's 2011 travel ban on Iraqis? Liberal pundits would suffer fits. I guess the rules are different for liberals.

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