Saturday, January 21, 2017

What is the Women's March About?

       What exactly is this Woman’s March all about? I have yet to see or hear a coherent message. Presumably, the marchers want to send a bold message. Sine women are the majority in the United States, they could have sent a far bolder message by voting Hillary Clinton into office. It should have been easy. Clinton had everything going for her. She looked inevitable right up until about nine o'clock election night. Alas, she lost. Now women must resort to marching in the streets wearing double ententes as caps while carrying vile signs.
     I took the opportunity this morning when a discussion about the march erupted in a Facebook comment thread. The original poster first asked why new President Donald Trump was ignoring the swarms of women protesting around the world. Does he not have some obligation to say anything? I commented he does not anymore so than the Clemson coach has an obligation to address upset Alabama fans. Yes, it was a simplified answer, but, you was on a Facebook comment thread.
       I was called out on the bad analogy. Fair enough. But, as I explained in the opening paragraph, women had a chance to put their like-minded candidate in office, but those like minded ideas lost. Keep in mind with Clinton as the Democrat candidate, feminism was the main theme The message was clear—vote for the first woman president or you are a misogynist. If that sounds familiar, it is because the theme of vote for a black president or you are a racist was heavily promoted by the political left in the last two presidential cycles. But shrill feminism does not win elections. It will not make for an effective, mainstream political movement, either.
       The retort to y analogy is the march is sending notice women's right's will not be taken away without a fight. So I asked what women's rights are under threat of being taken away? No one gave me an answer. I will take a wild guess and say abortion rights, however. Pro-life speakers were not welcome at the march, presumably because the female gender is solely defined in the liberal mindset of whether or not to abort an unborn child. Women appear to live in perpetual fear someone is going to interfere with their reproductive rights while simultaneously fear ta dollars will stop funding contraceptives and abortions. Figure that one out.
       The only conclusion I can draw is the march is a product of the professional left who protest because there is good money in it, it feels enlightened, and they probably have nothing better to do. The whole shebang—no pun intended—will be forgotten by Monday when we all have to go back into the real world.

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