Monday, January 2, 2017

The Right Tools for the Job

    I spent the last couple days of blogging efforts on a positive note. Accentuating the positives of what many considered to be on of the worst years ever. The year was a victim of pure hyperbole, by the way. I counted my many blessings in 2016 and looked forward to 2017. The upbeat outlook may make it appear I am a new person. In many ways, I am. But I am still a cynic at heart.
       At the heart of the matter is environment. There are two things that can happen between you and your living environment. Either you can control it or it can control you. Overcoming a hash environment is tough. Needless to say, a positive environment is easier to overcome. A sense of comfort to be content, optimistic, and moral. But human nature remains, and people are a hot meal and a good night's sleep away from from barbarism.
       I accept it has bee hit and miss n how I handled past circumstances. I would like to think I have performed better than average, but my cynicism coming so easily, my record is obviously not that good. So here I same old self hoping I am something new while suspicious I am an artificial creation of an environment I do not have to battle.
       The question deals with intangible problems. I am a guy. I like tangible problems that can be solved with the glorious results in plain view before. Problems re not so easy to solve when they are spiritual, mental, and emotional. You cannot grab the right tool and simply fix it yourself. So the issues are tough to work on, but I am working on them. Perhaps I shall one day answer the question of who is in charge, my environment or me?

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