Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Frequent Facebook Fracas

       I joined Facebook in late 2007. Over the years, I have engaged in hundreds, maybe even thousands, of political discussions of various size and intensity. It should not come as a surprise. My friends list is full of pundits, political activists, and lawyers from both sides of the political spectrum. Our relationships are much like those of professional wrestlers. We will smack each other around in the ring, but it is all for the sake of a good show. At least that was true until Donald Trump was sworn in as president last week.
     My news feed has featured more heated tussles in the last seven days than in the last five years. Trump has managed to infuriate the political left to the point they are nostalgic for George W. Bush. I am nostalgic for the days of Bush Derangement Syndrome myself. At least then I could make flippant Facebook status updates poking fun at liberals without the need to gear up for verbal war.
     There were three cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome to note from my news feed all of which were inadvertently triggered by yours truly. The first was an assertion Trump was under no obligation to acknowledge the Women's March. Second, an declaration of support for the Dakota pipeline over hippy protesters. The final was a lament my spring break plans in Tehran were ruined by the Iranian ban on American traveler in response to Trump's temporary ban on Muslims from recognized terrorist nations. The first was a frank observation. The latter were clearly flippant comments meant to be funny and little else.
       All three prompted long discussion threads that me on the defensive – often against multiple detractors. In these comment threads, I needed to cite philosophical point, legislation, court cases, and—in the case of my Christianity being criticized—Scripture. Do not get me wrong. I enjoyed every minute of it. I am eager for more at any point. Comprehensive arguing for a position is stimulating, particularly when utilizing multiple academic disciplines. I am merely saying Trump's haters on the left need to pace themselves or they will suffer a collective nervous breakdown by Easter.

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