Sunday, January 15, 2017

Steady As She Goes

       I weighed in today. The Lord's day seems like a blessed day to give it a shot, no? I am holding steady at 102 for the third month in a row. It would appear I have settled on my steady, non-feeding tube supplemented weight about a year and a half after removing the tube. There is no telling what took so long, but there you go. Not a bad number for a runt like me. I assume the steady stream of pizza and junk food has its impact.
       Though may be not entirely for the better. I have not mentioned it here, but for the last couple months, the top number of y blood pressure has consistently been over 140. It is not a high enough number to merit medication. In fact, the doctor reminded me it is all downhill once you turn forty, so I should not expect my usual 120 number.
        Or should I? Upon discovering my top number is now consistently 140+, I Googled some suggestions for lowering it. Exercise it the best thing for it. I was afraid of that. Sitting on your rear end eating Doritos and drinking Dr. Pepper does wonders for your weight gain, but does serious damage to your blood pressure. So lately I have emerged fro the Hermit Cave to stroll around a bit every day. It has worked. My blood pressure is back down to 120 something/0 something consistently.
       I have not made weight gain or better blood pressure a new year's resolution. I a skeptical of the idea each January 1st is a clean slate. There is always baggage. Nevertheless, I do what must be done, and things are looking up because of it.        

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