Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snowzilla Fizzle

    Cancel the frozen apocalypse. The snow accumulation never materialize. Even though it snowed in Sumter, the temperature never dropped to freezing. We did not get so much as slush. The snowflakes died before they ever hit the ground. Not that I am disappointed. The last thing I wanted was a storm knocking out the power.
     If any one wonders, yes the cannibalism jokes I cracked in the post announcing the possible snow storm inspired me to watch The Green Inferno. I was definitely going to resume reviewing movies on Apocalypse Cinema , but was not sure which movie I was going to begin with when I started. I was surprised it turned out to be an Eli Roth horror film, but there you go.
       It is supposed to be extremely cold up until the end of the week when the temperatures may get back into the high 60's or even lows 70s. But there is no rain in sight for the near future. So I am going to bundle to stay warm for a while and suggest you follow my lead.     

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