Monday, January 16, 2017

Save the Planet

       I will rarely, if ever, blog directly on environmentalism It is not that I do not believe the debate between environmentalists and skeptics is not important. It is simply a battle someone more interested in delving into the subject is better equipped to fight. Frankly, there is far too much politically charged zealotry involved for y taste But I will say this...any claims that we must save the planet are absurd.
       The Earth is approximately 4 billion years old. It will be around until the sun goes supernova in about five billion years. Humans have lived on it for as much as 200,000 years. Since 90% of all species ever to exist are already extinct, Earth will most certainly outlast us, too. The planet shows us who the bos is quite often—earthquakes, floods, etc—in case we get any other ideas.
       Now I would like to believe when people claim we need to save the planet, they are not saying that humans are literally destroying the Earth, although I fear many are not engaging in hyperbole. The Earth will be fine. It is people we must worry about.
       I believe we are steward of the Earth, which is why I am a conservationist rather than an environmentalist. The earth is designed to handle the human necessities of life as long as not abused. Where is the line between normal use and abuse? I do not know. Perhaps we could can the exaggerated claims of Earth's imminent doom and focus on that real question?

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