Monday, January 9, 2017

Mind Over Matter

       I usually hold off on selfies until holidays, but this one needed to be thrown in now. As an avowed beach bum, I am no fan of cold weather. Even though we were spared snow this weekend, it is still freezing outside. So now I am engaging in mind over matter.
      In y previous selfie, I declared I was either bundling up for warmth or potting to steal the Mona Lisa. Spoiler alert: the old girl with the peculiar smile remains safely at home in Paris. I was never interested in anything other then staying warm. Besides, it would be next to impossible to unload the painting o the black market. The do not list James Bond villains in the phone book, you know.
       So I have ditched the sweatshirt and toboggan for a tee shirt and a Jimmy Buffett playlist. Yo see...think warm, and you will be warm. Wish me luck!     

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