Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day

    Today is Inauguration Day. Shortly after noon, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. I have not missed a presidential inauguration since 1984, but there were few I was genuinely excited to see. Trump's inauguration is one, if for no other reason than curiosity over what could possibly cone next.
      I will be completely honest here. I voted for Trump, but I was motivated more to vote against Hillary Clinton than to support the Make America Great Again bandwagon. Clinton looked like a shoo in since she had practically everything going for her. There was even a time there when I considered voting for Gary Johnson. Trump was going to win South Carolina anyway and my views have been siding more towards the libertarian side for years now. But John son made a few embarrassing blunders, so I opted for Trump.
      I a glad I did. Anyone who knows me is aware of my glib, sarcastic demeanor when commenting on political and cultural events. It makes sense to them I would be amused a realty television star with no experience in elected office or in the military would be elected president, Especially since trump pretty much picked up politics as a hobby within the last eight years or so. Then he created a populist movement to be lead by a billionaire from New York City. If one is prone to pointing out the nihilistic aspects of American public life you cannot help bu have your sensibilities tickled by the election of Trump.
   But as the wisest man who ever lived wrote, there is nothing new under the sun, and neither is Trump. There really is not that much different fro Trump hosting The Apprentice while playing around with the D-list of celebrity than Ronald Reagan insisting Gonzo make it to bed on time. Even if you are a Never Trump who frets over his past support for liberal causes, remember Reagan was once a Democrat who ardently supported FDR. History may well repeat itself. I certainly hope it does.
       I am looking forward to seeing how the country changes under trump's leadership. For one thing, I assume he actually will lead. Eight years of Barack Obama's absentee presidency diminished the United States at home and abroad. Race relations are worse than they have been in decades. Allies were stabbed in the back repeatedly. Cultural rot exists everywhere Obama promised hope and change. He leaves us with only one hope—Trump—and a legacy of change for the worse.    

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