Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

       The New Year has arrived. Now that we are firmly into 2017, maybe people will stop bellyaching about how bad 2016 allegedly was. Every year is full of good and bad. Whichever balance any given year maintains is a matter of personal experience. But I address my viewpoints on the issue in detail yesterday, so there is no pint in carrying on about them here. More of those dead leaves one should let drop.
    It is cold, rainy, and gloomy today, but the weather has not dampened my spirits. The new year is a time for renewal and optimism, not pessimism. My good mood is helped by the BBQ ribs and apple cobbler I ate for lunch. It is difficult to imagine a better start to 201.
       I have been writing a post with plans to post sometime today about plans for the future regarding the blog. Gods & Monsters has grown in popularity every year sine its humble beginnings in 2014. while I doubt it will ever reach the numbers of my previous blog since I have sworn off click bait celebrity photos which inflated my old states, I want Gods monsters to become a regular destination for a ore group of fans. For that, I will need focused content posted on a consistent basis. What better time to renew the effort than on the first day of a brand new year?
       But more on that later. There are a few other things to which I must attend. Until later, I hope every has had a good start to 2017. I have not heard of any celebrity deaths since the ball dropped and Donald Trump is still president-elect, so things appear to be looking up.           

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