Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fake News as Wishful Thinking

      An idea surfaced in recent days Former first lady, New York Senator, Secretary of State, and 2016 Democrat Party nominee for president Hillary Clinton ought to run for mayor of New York City. After all, she carried the city with 80% of the vote in the presidential election and the current Mayor Bill de Blasio, is embroiled in an illicit fund raising scandal amid a lackluster first term in office.
     Important, but anonymous democrats from the city are allegedly chatting away excitedly at their swanky cocktail parties over the prospect. Their excitement only increased with the rumor Clinton is seriously mulling over the idea. There is only one one is considering the idea. Especially not Clinton.
       The matter is indicative of the phenomena of speculative news. Someone, somewhere says someone else might be thinking of doing something. It might be true, but it probably is not. Nevertheless, media has blank pages or air time to fill, so why not write an article, anyway? Maybe news coverage will lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy.
      It is interesting to note the story appears to have originated in the conservative news site Newsmax before more legitimate news outlets like the New York Times and the New York Daily News ran with it. Maybe conservatives want Clinton to stay in the spotlight to kick around some more and liberals still possess glimmer of the Clinton infatuation they were eaten up with back in the '90's? Who knows, but wasting ink, pixels, and airtime on this sort of baseless speculation is not helping the media with its sagging credibility with the public.   

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