Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Crazy From the Heat Liberalism

      California appears to be going a little bonkers these days. Maybe it is the heat. Maybe it is the various the giants competing against each other in a Tony Stark emulation contest. But most likely the problem is the liberalism. What else can you say about a state whose most powerful Republican is a member of the US House of Representatives? Or a state which gave 62% of its presidential votes to Hillary Clinton?
      The state has been drifting leftward since 1992 when it supported Bill Clinton. The last Republican presidential candidate to carry California was George H. W. Bush in 1988. In spite of a few brief flirtations with statewide republicans, most of whom were liberal enough to be considered Democrats anywhere else, the golden state has been the exclusive domain of Democrats. It has been in many ways a living laboratory for progressive policy. Therein lies its problem—California has drifted to far to the left to play well with the rest of the country.
       The election of trump was the apparent tipping point. With a polite nod to the United Kingdom for earlier electing to depart the European Union by a referendum called the Brexit, various groups are collecting signatures to place California secession on the 2018 ballot. The Calexit, if you like.
      Does the Calexit have a chance at success? Virtually none. Socially, economically, and militarily, California needs the rest of the United States. Going into great detail is would be beyond the scope of this bog entry, but consider California's dependence on its neighbors for water. Neighboring states are only going to take American currency or gold for the good stuff. Only 32% of the copulation supports the Calexit, and the chances of the Assembly rubber stamping the secession even if the referendum passed are nil.
       You can mostly chalk the Calexit movement up to the same type of empty threats heard from celebrities every election cycle about leaving the country if so and so Republican is elected. It is no coincidence most of thee celebrities live in California. The left threatens to leave in the same manner as a child threatens to run away from home if he does not get his way. As noted above, the tipping point here was electing Trump president instead of Clinton.
   But that does not mean California does not have its near irreconcilable differences, both internally and internally. The northern and western parts of California are dragged into a clash of culture with its far left coastal regions. Farmers in the west do not quite see eye to eye with the rich, guilty celebrities, silicon Valley techies, and pot smoking hippies on the coast. The latter's contempt for the former is only slightly milder than its contempt for the unwashed yokels in flyover country.
    The fun never stops. The state government is considering adding a third gender option on official documents. I a picturing an 'it's complicated” choice like with a relationship status on Facebook. There are rumblings of becoming a sanctuary state for illegal migrants in defiance of the Trump Administration. So while nothing will come of the Calexit, California still is not going to play well with the rest of the country. I half expect the state to shave its head and beat an SUV with an umbrella any day now.

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