Sunday, January 29, 2017

Can Trrmp Derangement Syndrome Keep Pace with Trump?

    I waxed nostalgic a bit yesterday about the halcyon days of yore when bush Derangement Syndrome was the hottest thing going for liberals. I was tempted to write I was in a nostalgic rage instead, but nixed the idea. Even I could not make a joke that bad. These days, Trump Derangement Syndrome makes its older cousin seem quaint in comparison. We have only enjoyed a mere week of the Trump Administration, but the political has already nearing maximum capacity for hysteria. Or are they just getting started? I dread the latter possibility.
   The root of Trump Derangement Syndrome is clear. The political left, confident in either the holiness of their cause, the ignorance of their base in believing said holiness, or both, massively expanded the power of government with the expectation of no one of an opposing ideology wielding is power. Now the power is wielded by Trump. He is doing to the political left what they wanted to do to the American people.
   It probably is not gong to get much better for the political left, either. If Trump's frenetic output continues at this pace, it will be clear he plans to conduct policy at the speed a business is run. We will all bear witness to the piercing shrieks of pain from the Ivy League wonks who once micromanaged every aspect of life for Washington but no longer do. Can their outrage keep up with Trump's moves? I am confident they will give it their best effort.          

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