Sunday, January 22, 2017


     I switched link colors from the medium range red to a light blue. I suffered one of those moments when I see something for the hundredth time and finally realize t is incredibly unappealing. The color scheme finally struck me as gaudy. It had to go.
       The colors on my blog are a selfish choice. I have an easier time reading on black backgrounds because of my poor eyesight. It counts against my because people generally consider black text on a white background more serious. I also must choose brighter colors for links as they are easier to read on a black background as well. For whatever reason, I continually become dissatisfied with schemes. Every change eventually appears to be a bad idea, so I must play color roulette yet again.
       Pardon the inconsistency. Hopefully, the aesthetics does not suffer too badly.
       Fun fact: while using Google to confirm the spelling of “aesthetics,” I came across its Wikipedia entry. I meant to use the word in reference to the appeal of my blog's color scheme, but learned there is an entire branch of philosophy called aesthetics. It is think study of art, beauty, and taste. In a more scientific sense, it is the study of judgment and taste. It figures there would be a branch of philosophy whose purpose would be to endlessly debate the question “What is art?” Aesthetics is a subject perhaps wroth looking into further sometime down the road.      

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