Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Light Snow's Gonna Fall

      I live in the not quite central part of South Carolina. Weather forecasts predict we are due to get snow with light accumulation sometime between tomorrow night and Monday. In other states, such an event would cause a minor inconvenience. In South Carolina, it causes mass hysteria.
       Store shelves are already stripped clean of bread, milk, and batteries. We already drew straws to determine who we are going to eat first should circumstances warrant. I reminded everyone in spite of my weight gain, there is still less meat on me than a McNugget. I am not certain anyone caught the Red Dwarf reference, but it was brought to my attention I could be boiled into broth and McNuggets taste delicious when dipped in certain sauces. I need new friends, apparently.
       I am only half-joking about the Palmetto State's preparedness to handle Snowzilla-lite. There is always a possibility of a power outage. I spent the better part of three days in the dark in the hurricane aftermath a few months ago. While I am thankful I fared better than many others, it was still no fun. I hope to avoid the issue this time around, but if I fall off the grid, you will know why.
       Now I must prepare myself to fight off hungry citizens with a taste for McNuggets. Wish m luck. I doubt I wold survive long on The Walking Dead.     

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