Sunday, December 4, 2016

Saturday Night Live Goes Off the Rails

        Saturday Night Live is two episodes shy of the halfway point to its 42nd season, so far, I am awarding it a “C” for effort, but room for improvement. The show has featured some gems this season, but they have been few and far between. The big problem is how much the show has gone completely off the rails in its response to Donald Trump winning election for president.
       I indulge in a flippant, sometimes nihilistic sense of humor frequently myself. Pretty much anything is open to humor, and sacred cows make the best hamburgers. I am not even offended by the sort of sketches SNL is airing in order to jab at Trump. I am simply pointing out how pathetically embarrassing the sketches are. Take the above screen cap from last night's cold open. That is ale Baldwin playing Trump. The Grim Reaper to his right represents Steve Bannon.
       I do not care one way or the other about Bannon. I am as skeptical of Breitbart as I am any news source wearing an ideological slant on its sleeve. But the strongest attacks I have heard on him are accusations he is a white supremacist. Those accusations are so absurd, even Anderson cooper called out en. Elizabeth Warren for repeating when there is no shred of evidence to prove it. How do you jump from knee jerk, unfounded accusations of racism to comparing Bannon to the embodiment of Death?
        It is absurd to make that leap even for a comedy bit. Th sad part is I a not certain the caricature is for the sake of comedy. The absurdity was not meant to be funny. Witness Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton's somber rendition of “Hallelujah” which opened the first post-election episode. She was fighting back tears. She was not crying over the recent passing of Leonard Cohen. Her sorrow was all about the supposed death to America a President Trump will bring. This stuff is tough to watch if for no other reason than people genuinely believe the loony narrative.

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