Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Year on a Personal Level

       As promised or threatened, depending on your perspective, here is a post commenting on the past year regarding my personal life rather than punditry on the year at large in the previous post if you are uninterested in self-indulgent introspection that has absolutely no relevance to anything in your life, you may skip the rest of the post with a clear conscience.
       It is safe to say 2016 was the best year I have spent in a long time. It was certainly the most peaceful and happy sine at least 2002. Thirteen years is a long time to feel life is too tumultuous to enjoy. I have gone round and round over why the years 2003-2014 were so bad as well as written about the upswing through most of 2015. So there is no need to rehash the story here. So let me only disuses what 2016 has meant.
       In short, 2016 has brought peace. I a on my on again in a new city, surrounded only by the people I choose to let in my life, and it is great. I finally shed a family tree that was more Dutch Elm Disease than anything else. You may think that is a cruel statement, but if you would care to look back on Team Chavis' response to my reemergence earlier this spring—which included a death threat—you will see why finally letting e dead leaves fall was good idea. Now I can sit back and watch Darlington County reach the same conclusion. Maybe it will not take a decade for the county to escape their clutches like it did me.
       Yes, there was a little stint in purgatory with some other difficult people who I eventually prevailed over. You can pin much fault for my experience there on Team Chavis, too. But I learned a lot about myself, made some good friends who are still sticking with me, and discover a part of my old personality I feared was long dead could be resurrected with a little nudging. Accentuate the positives, folks.
       The people I have let in my life are wonderful. I have written about and posted photos of them and me together throughout he year. I love them all dearly, as thy put up with the emotional soars and social awkwardness the last baker's dozen years inflicted on me. Not to mention the adjustments my new health issues caused. Not all family is connected by blood, and I a thankful for that.
       In spite of those new issues, my health has been the best I have enjoyed in years. I have maintained a healthy weight around 100 pounds. I am a runt, so that is okay for me. There have been no hospital visits, much less surgeries, in years in spite of those being frequent events when I was at the mercy of those "dead leaves.”  I barely suffered a cold throughout 2016.
       So 2016 was the best year for me in recent memory. Here s to 2017 being even better for all of us. Stay safe, and have a happy New year!

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