Saturday, December 3, 2016

Operation Wandering Soul

       All the creepy videos I have posted thus far became less disturbing once explained. So how about I post one in which the truth is not any more comforting than what the intention appears to be? I encountered a snippet of the above video I a compilation of frightening recordings a few months ago. It sent a shiver up my spine. Keep in ind I am not the superstitious type, either.
     Operation Wandering Soul was a campaign of psychological warfare conducted by the United state military during the Vietnam War. Operation Wandering Soul played recordings of ethereal, anguished voices through the jungles of Vietnam in order to play on the belief of the Vietnamese the souls of those buried away from the homeland would wander the Earth forever in pain. The recording were blasted through helicopter speakers at night to torment the enemy. The military was advised not to play the recordings near South Vietnamese allies since they might be discouraged to fight as much as the Vietcong.
       The success of Operation Wandering soul is difficult to determine. The Vietcong who fired in the direction of the disembodied voices were met with return fir, which negated the results. But the recordings are still a terrifying listen. Much of the disturbance cones fro me not understanding Vietnamese, so the voices sound even stranger. But the above video features subtitles. But reading the translations does not make the Ghost Tapes any less unsettling.         

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