Friday, December 2, 2016

Open Your Heart to Everyone

       A former teacher of mine posted this video on Facebook a couple days ago. She awarded it Best Christmas Commercial of 2016 even though December has just begun. Concur. It is a touching commercial with an important message about acceptance.
       She not only earns points with me for sharing the commercial, but for correctly referring to the main character as Frankenstein's monster. He is too often mistakenly called Frankenstein. Frankenstein was the doctor who created him. I would expert nothing less than such level of accuracy from a retired English teacher.
       Frankenstein's monster has always been my favorite classic monster. There is the clash of science versus religion in Mary Shelley's novel to appeal to me. But I feel an empathy with the monster. He is different than everyone else. He feels alienated because virtually all of what can be considered a normal life is unavailable to him. Yet he must find his own place in the world. I identify with his struggle. I therefore appreciate the measure of acceptance he finds in the above commercial.

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