Thursday, December 1, 2016

Eat Your Heart Out, Charlie Brown

       I put out my Christmas decorations this afternoon. It is a charlie brown tree, but the little fellow put me in the spirit of the season. My stocking is hung out for Santa. Ready for that lump of coal I so richly deserve instead of Reese Witherspoon in the Slave Girl Princess Leia outfit I put on my list every year. Maybe next Christmas.
       December will be especially monumental this year. I will turn forty on the eleventh. It may sound strange, but I am eager to leave my 30's behind. The last ten years were a disastrous decade. Even though I have now physically escaped all that made me miserable during that time, there is an emotional boost to beginning a new part of life in new, better surroundings.
       The year will draw to a close as December winds down. While I have mostly enjoyed a good year personally, it has certainly been rougher than usual for the world at large. No wonder so much of it is in revolt over the status quo. I will say much about the good and the bad in reflection as the year fades into twilight. Until then, hopefully December will turn out well for all of us.   

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