Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dining Room or There is Nothing

       There is so much about “Dining Room or There is Nothing” that is creepy, it is difficult to know where to begin. The creepy music. The reverse dialogue before it is re-stated correctly. The face dive into the bowl. Maybe the mysterious setting which is obviously intended to evoke visions of hell. While all that is true, it probably the deep, soul-searing stare that really gets you.
       “Dining Room or There is Nothing” is the creation of danish artist and filmmaker David B. Earle. Earle intended for the short video to be viewed on a continuous loop. The video was designed to feature no definite beginning or end to symbolize Earle's personal desire for empirical proof there is nothing on the other side of life.
       All right. I can see how looping the video would symbolize the fruitless effort to find natural answers to supernatural questions. But it is odd to make the setting hell. Establishing the physical existence of hell would be a physical answer to a supernatural question. Oh, well. Maybe I do not appreciate the intellectual value of a metaphysical paradox relayed through a post-modern medium.
     I suggest making a game out of watching “Dining Room or There is Nothing.” Set the video to play on loop, as Earle intended, and see how many times you can sit through with becoming creeped out. I made it through three loops before feeling compelled to move on to other amusement. Your mileage may vary.      

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