Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Christmas Selfie

       Continuing in the new tradition of posting a new selfie on each holiday. I am even sporting a new, red shirt for the occasion. I originally had a candy cane between my teeth in order to look more Christmas-y. I thought it would be funny. As it turned out, it looked more like I was impersonating one of Santa's reindeer. Old St. Nick guides his reindeer with bridles, does he not?
        I am glad I dumped the candy cane and made the photo less Christmas themed.  It is one of the better photos I have taken in recent times.  my face certainly looks far less gaunt than it has in quite a while.  This is my new Facebook profile photo.  it will likely be used as my avatar for a few other online ventures.    
       It was a nice Christmas. Quiet, and I ate well. There was an nontraditional fried chicken dinner and a fantastic tradition ham, turkey, and vegetables supper. My decorations are even still up. Thy rarely make it passed sundown Christmas day. I must be unusually festive this year.
         I hope everyone else enjoyed a fine Christmas with either your wish list filled or lumps of coal in your stocking, whichever you most deserve. I pass no judgment one way or the other. Now we will run out the clock on 2016 and hope the year ends on a high note.

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