Monday, November 14, 2016

You Were Fine Until You Saw the Pale Horse Rider

       If I thought it was odd Saturday Night Live was in a deeper state of mourning in their first post-election episode than they were in their first episodes after 9/11 and Sandy Hook, I had not seen anything yet. The expected tears and long shot hopes the Electoral College will reverse the election results are there. They are for every losing side in an election. But the reaction I am witnessing now is an unprecedented state of what I will generously call mourning even though whining is likely a more apt term.
        Do not get me wrong. Some of the backlash against Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton is a serious matter. There have been riots all over the country causing injuries and damaged property. You do not have to look too far to find stories of people being beaten by Clinton supporters for wearing Trump campaign gear or even simply admitting they voted for him. It is evil—and definitely not what America stands for—to beat a person for what he wears or for who he casts a ballot. Keep in mind as well 0% of those arrested during the riots in Oregon were not citizens of the state and did not vote there. They were professional agitators paid to terrorize in the wake of a free election.
       Nor am I talking about the poor souls who have been brainwashed by academia, the media, and entertainment to fear conservatives. They genuinely believe conservative are racist homophobes itching for the chance to destroy their lives. They believe this contrary to the history, recent and not so, but since the teaching of history in our educational system is so warped, it is difficult to blame them. For these folk wallowing in ignorance not all of their own doing, I feel pity.
      What I am talking about here is not the roving mobs who only believe in democracy when their candidate wins. It is the weepy Millennials, any of whom did not bother to vote in the first place, acting act in the most pathetic of ways. Have we really reached the point our kid need grief counseling because of election results? Must midterm exams really be canceled to preserve the delicate snowflakes' fragile psyches? I though safe spaces for students to avoid hearing contrary opinions was bad. Over-sheltering the rough edges of life has been taken to a whole new level.
       It happens, kids. Sometimes your man—or woman, this case—loses. It will not be the end of civilization as we now. There will be no ethnic purges. You will be free to live and love as you wish. Accept it, because it is reality. Losing is another part of reality, and something you must learn to deal with. Banish the notion everyone deserves a participation trophy merely for showing up. Understand that with victory comes the agony or defeat. You must be magnanimous in both. Hopefully, you will all learn this before next time around.

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