Saturday, November 12, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton Lost

       Hillary Clinton supporters are continuing to riot across the nation in protest of Donald trump's victory last Tuesday. One can only assume their fer Trump will destroy the country has compelled the to beat him to the punch. On a slightly more serious note, the narrative is the riots are motivated by protest against the alleged racist, misogynist attitude of white America that caused the “incorrect” candidate to win the White House.
      No one will honestly argue there is no racism or misogyny within the American public or that some of Trump's supporters fit into one or both those groups. But it is grossly unfair to claim won because of this. Clinton lost the election on her own for multiple reasons which I will now discuss. They need to be discussed because frankly, I am irritated at the lack of thought being exercised in examining Clinton’s loss. Even the Democratic National Committee is fighting among itself rather than taking an honest look at what went wrong.
       Clinton was a terrible candidate to follow Barack Obama. You do not follow up a young, hip black guy with a 70 year old white woman no one likes. Sometimes it seems like the political left believes they are so entitled to run the government they can nominate a chunk of granite and count on their usual base of support simply by demonizing the opposition as a hindrance to social progress.
       Maybe the left believed Clinton was entitled to be president because she was a woman. But does anyone really consider Clinton a feminist icon? Her daddy paid her way through private schools, a private college, and Yale Law. She did not build a political career from the bottom up on her own. She married Bill Clinton. If she had never been his First Lady, she would have never been in a position to run for president. Clinton is the antithesis of a woman who has succeeded in opposition to the alleged patriarchy.
       Let us not forget as well her husband is an admitted sexual predator and possible rapist who Hillary tolerates because of her own ambition. She has supposedly intimidated women to keep allegations of Bill's sexual escapades quiet so as not to ruin her chances at winning the White House. No one seriously believes Bill and Hillary are in anything but a sham, loveless marriage for the pursuit of their individual financial and political gain. There is no way this reality connects with women.
       Let us talk about financial gain. How does a Senator and Secretary of State earn $240 million in sixteen years? The only possible way is for the 'charitable” Clinton Foundation to actually be a n international money laundering scheme involving State Department favors in exchange for foreign donations. How could it be that blatant? Because Both Clinton believe they are above the law and entitled to power regardless. The air of corruption surrounding her in particular is impossible to miss.
       How about incompetence? Even Clinton allies thought using a private email server was a security risk. Classified information was shared regularly over a period of yeas. The server was likely compromised by foreign powers. So many people associated with the mes plead the Fifth Amendment, yet Clinton came out of it all clean. No one rally buys that, however. Clinton herself blames the FBI for her loss. Not that she committed any illicit acts herself. She is above the law, after all. But the investigation should have stopped as far as she is concerned. She is above the law, I remind you.
       It is impossible to ignore Clinton is not a likable person in the first place. Even her surrogate on the campaign trail often stumped for her with the notion that you did not have to like her in order to vote for her. Many who have worked with her, including Secret Service agents, say she is a condescending, profane won who treat others like garbage. Who rally cannot sense the contempt she has for thews she thinks are beneath her—which turns out to be pretty much everyone. You must consider the possibility her famed ground game which gave some 45 million direct impressions of Clinton wound up giving bad impressions of her, driving voters to Trump.
        But Clinton's loss cannot all be chalked up to character flaws. Her health issues were a big problem. It is difficult to believe after all the oddities witnessed on the campaign trail there were not lingering health issues fro a couple injuries in the last few years. We all saw her pass out in early September and be thrown into the back of a van like a sack of flour. Health concerns resonate with votes when said health issues affect the potential leader of the free world.
       Well, there you have it. A simple discussion of why Clinton lost. I have been pouring over boring election data for days now. I could have offered up a more academic analysis of how Clinton ignored blue collar workers in what she believed were safe state like Michigan and Pennsylvania or how she did not make an outreach to Hispanics under the assumption they hated trump enough to vote for her in droves.  I may still write a deeper analysis somewhere down the line, but it really boils down to people will not vote for you if you do not ask them to. Asking for votes still might not have worked for Clinton. But what I have written is the basic reasons why Clinton lost aside fro the shallow accusations of racism and misogyny within the electorate.                  

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