Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wherein I Eat Crow

      Well, when I am wrong, I am wrong in spectacular fashion. Fortunately, I am not wrong all that often. Ahem. At least I am in good company. The only poll out there with Donald Trump winning the White House was the often mocked Los Angeles Times poll that has been debunked as a perpetual outlier. Because of this, I am going to consider its accurate prediction as a happy accident. I am only going to eat one crow. Hekyll rather than his old chum, Jekyll.
      I want to write more later today on my thoughts about Trump's victory and what the net four years might be like. More data must be made public for me to comment intelligently. Yes...intelligently. Because I have done such a great job with that so far. I will be back with that either later today or maybe even tomorrow.
     Right now, I would like to comment on how I spent my evening following the election coverage. I was flipping between television networks while keeping open several browser tabs with sites offering real tie results. I was also checking out the Reddit thread on the results. It was switching through network coverage and refreshing the Reddit thread that was most amusing, particularly as Trump' chances of winning improved.
       Reddit went from giddy over the probable Hillary Clinton landslide to”Um...Trump is doing better than we thought h would” to full blown panic. Around midnight, Clinton supporters began desperately calculating what states she would have to pull out of the fire. Went it reached the point they were openly discussing flipping Arizona, a last minute surge in Wisconsin, and the Congressional district in Maine, I knew it was all over but the shooting.
     The networks were just as amusing. There were meltdowns everywhere. Even FOX News had an on air group therapy session with Brit Hume, Megyn Kelly, Juan Williams, and Tucker Carlson as they contemplated life under President Trump. The networks seemed to be suffering from a serious case of denial considering how slow they frequently were to call states for Trump even when he was ahead by ten thousand+ vote with 99% of precincts reporting. May be they merely wanted to prolong the image of a horse race.
       It was a fun evening for a politics junkie like me. You would have to enjoy much of it even if you d not are much about the war without bloodshed that is the election season. This time around, it was one for the ages. Thank goodness t is mercifully over.         

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