Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Progressive Bubble

       Saturday Night Live has compelled me to post one of its clips several times this season. The show is no longer the must see show it once was, but it can still serve as an on point cultural barometer. My fellow conservatives are often critical of SNL's progressive bias. Considering last week's somber cold opening sincerely mourning Donald Trump's election as president, the point is difficult to argue. But as a rebuttal, I present “The Bubble” from last night's episode.
       “The Bubble” is a sharp jab a progressive elitism's tendency for intolerance of contrary ideas, absorption into like-minded entertainment, and adoption of patronizing, often contradictory views on race and gender. The humor is biting towards progressives and not for the first time. Even in last week's installment, the second sketch featured Dave Chappell and Chris Rock exposing upscale, white progressives watching the election returns as sheltered and clueless.
       I will take a step back here and declare much of last night's episode mediocre. The problem is not clear. Kristen Wiig was decent, but I never cared much for any of her characters. If I made a list of former cast members I would like to see return as host, Wigg would rank slightly about Anthony Michael Hall near the list's cellar. But I is only fair to note SNL suffers from weak writing when it airs three new episodes in a row, too.  Check the clip out. As always, a trigger warning is probably necessary for the satirically impaired.             

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