Friday, November 11, 2016

The Call for Unity Goes Unheeded By Angry Progressives

       Angry anti-Trump protesters are continuing to riot in major cities all over the country. I say riot because there is violence and destruction of property. When people are beaten and cars are overturned, it is a riot, not a demonstration. All this because Hillary Clinton lost an election fair and square. Yes, these people are upset our electoral system worked exactly as it was designed. The same electoral system that put Barack Obama in the White House twice. It is a sign of a healthy democratic system when sometimes the other guy wins.
        Unfortunately, the political left and its allies in the media and academia have pollute young minds with the idea conservative thought is inherently racist, misogynist, and prejudice against the poor, so an election between a progressive and a conservative is always a battle of good versus evil. The idea has been drilled into the public so much, neither side of a the political spectrum blinks because of the lack of critical thought that goes into the attacks on conservatives. It is just a given these days.
       It is times like this we see the damage done by knee jerk accusations of racism, misogyny, and homophobia against conservatives. When a conservative wins the presidency, he has been smeared as the next Adolf Hitler and the leftist masses believe it without question. They will never let the facts get in the way. Donald trump was not elected by racist white men. He received sizable votes from blacks, LGBT, and Hispanics. In fact, Trump gained more black and Hispanic votes than did Mitt Romney in 2012. but the reality is contrary to the accepted narrative. Therefore, reality is ignored.
       Reality is ignored in more ways than one. What will violently protesting the election results accomplish? Clinton will have 229 electoral votes both before and after. Nothing is going to change the outcome. Trump will still be the next president.
       Trump called for unity and a coming together in his acceptance speech, but the call has gone unheeded. There is no way to know how long passions over the election results will run high enough to motivate thee violent protests. One assumes the inauguration will be a brutal low point. The protests may even rage at some level until then. It is sad, but true the same people who feared Trump would destroy the country if elected president are destroying the country themselves now that trump has been elected president.         

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