Thursday, November 24, 2016


      It is Thanksgiving. Therefore, it is time once again for that curious exercise in narcissism known as the holiday selfie. Less than a month has passed since Halloween so posting a holiday selfie feels even more egotistical. Oh, well. I did it anyway.
       I enjoyed a tasty Thanksgiving. There were two different, full turkey dinners with all the fixings and several dessert choices. One was for lunch, and the other for supper. Both were cooked by a group of southern ladies who definitely knew what thy were doing. As a bonus, there are leftovers. I was compelled to ask for the insight of religious scholars whether gluttony still counts as a sin if one is really, really skinny. I have received no solid answer yet, if anyone wishes to tackle the inquiry.
       This Thanksgiving, I am Thankful finally enjoy some peace after a tumultuous decade of poor health and a family tree more Dutch Elm disease than anything else. I have not been so hale and hearty in years. I am also enjoying a circle of friends like I have had in a long time. Yes, as a politically minded soul, I am also thankful I will be spared Hillary Clinton for four years.
       It is all good. I hope everyone else had a blessed Thanksgiving. Even though it is consider a secular, national holiday, Thanksgiving is based on the practice of feasting in celebration of God's blessings.    

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