Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stick a Fork in Post-Election Analysis

       The election has been over for a week. The final results are carved in stone. You are sick of talking about the election. I am sick of talking about the election. We are all sick of talking about the election. It is about that tie w start talking about the actual turkey we are going to eat next Thursday as opposed to the two turkeys we could have elected president last week. So this will be my final word on election analysis.
       The election boiled down to one thing. It was not that the polls were wrong. It is not that America is a racist country. It was not that America is a misogynist country that will not elect a woman president. The election boiled down to the fact their were lots of people angry and they were ignored by everyone except Donald Trump.
       Yes, a billionaire real estate developer and reality show star was the better champion of the working class. The irony is tough to swallow. I sympathize. Until about nine o’clock on election night, I did not seriously believe it was possible. In hindsight, things look a little clearer. Pollsters underestimated the swarm of Trump votes that would come across the nation period, much less from deep blue strongholds like Michigan and Pennsylvania who felt left behind by the Democratic party. Well thy should, too. Hillary Clinton made little effort to reach out to them until it was too late.
       But it was not only neglect making Trump supporters angry. T was the constant accusations of racism and misogyny leveled at anyone declaring support for Trump. When faced with such a massive and brutal barrage, of course those who supported Trump were going to keep it to themselves. The election of Trump was, as Michael Moore of all people noted, a massive middle finger directed at the politically correct culture that insist there is only one way to vote and anyone does not vote that way I deplorable.
        The media and entertainment business played a vital role in causing the massive, but silent trump vote with their personal attacks and clear bias against Trump supporters. It was difficult to find mainstream media that was not openly aiding Clinton as late as prime time election night. Will they learn anything before next time? Considering much of their post-election reactions, it would appear. Regardless, I am tired of talking about it, so I am now done.

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