Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pondering a President Donald Trump

       Like everyone else, I did not see it coming. Even the campaign staff itself seem reigned to losing the white House to Hillary Clinton as late as seven o'clock last night. Virtually every statistically sound national poll out there had Donald Trump losing to Hillary Clinton by a margin between three and six percentage points. Yet here we are today with President Donald Trump ready to take over at the end of January.
       For the sake of accuracy, I was first and foremost #NeverHillary, which made me #MaybeTrump. I was never #NeverTrump, but I long dobbed he could secure the nomination. That said, I supported trump in the South Carolina primary last March. The Republicans in Washington have been enormously disappointing in recent years in spite of their increased numbers in Congress. My support for Trump was a call for the status quo of the party to be shaken up. Now I a going to get the chance to see it happen even though there was no point until Florida and Pennsylvania began swinging his way last night.
       In spite of all the claims Trump was the worst possible Republican candidate, I cannot imagine Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio winning deep blue states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, states which wound up being crucial to the Republican return to the White House. Only Trump had the capacity to do that. I will be curious to see how the #NeverTrump crowd reacts to this fact in the days and weeks ahead. Not to mention how well Trump did among women, blacks, and even Hispanics.
       I have trepidation, of course. We just just elected the first president in American history with no prior political or military experience. Trump probably does not have a consistent philosophy with which to guide policy. But this will most likely mean he will rely on this around him to develop and implement policy. Considering Trump's larger than life ego, this may mean high level bureaucrats will will implement policy. Hopefully, Mike Pence will exert much influence as vice-president.
       Trump certainly has not been politically correct on the campaign trail, but I suspect he was largely playing to crows. He may very well be a gaffe machine whose novice political skills will allow some shady thing to go on under his nose. But Trump will be fun to watch for this armchair political scientist. I was dreading four to eight years of constant Clinton sandals. But now even my rock solid cynicism has given way to some hope for the future.

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