Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hallelujah Hillary Clinton Lost

       I have been brutal in my criticism of the more violent Hillary Clinton supporters who are upset over her loss, so how about a lighter look at how celebrity culture is mourning? The entertainment business went all out for Clinton without a clue how each admonition a Clinton vote is the only moral vote put another nail in her campaign's coffin. The vast majority of Americans do not care to be lectured by sketchy, out of touch celebrities from their palaces in Los Angeles.
       The clueless celebrity culture continues well past the election. Witness the cold opening of lat night's Saturday Night Live embedded above. The show swore off comedy for its opening—some say it has sworn off comedy for its entirety, but I digress-to feature Kate McKinnon, dressed up as Clinton, playing piano and singing a mournful version of Leonard Cohen's “Hallelujah.” The 82 year old singer/songwriter passed away this week. The musical tribute compares his death with the defeat of Clinton.
       If that sounds laughably over the top, that is because it is. Clinton lost an election—not for the first time, I might add. She did not die. Nor will the country be completely destroyed because Donald Trump will now serve as president. I have heard people defending the performance as a call for unity. I do not buy the explanation. It features a defeatist tone with call to remain strong against the implied evil of trump and his supporters. So, no...celebrity culture has yet to embrace the reality most of America lives under. This sort of thing happens when live in closed off enclaves. They tend to get a little brainwashed.
       All that said, McKinnon is a talented singer. Take away the baggage from her performance, and it is truly a beautiful rendition of “Hallelujah.” She has been playing Clinton throughout the campaign as an awkward, out of touch with people candidate who is nevertheless confident of assured victory. It is a humorous portrayal, though clearly not as mean-spirited as Darrell Hammond or Alec Baldwin's impression of Trump. McKinnon probably will not have much call to bring back her impression unless Clinton's blame game tour catches attention with its absurdity or an investigation into the Clinton Foundation uncovers some explosive stuff.              

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