Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Predictions

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       It is time once again to put on y political prognosticator's hate and offer my best guess for what will happen in tonight's election. My political prognosticator's ht is much more likely to enjoy a good night than a Make America Great Again hat, unfortunately.
       Like everyone else, I am calling the presidential race for Hillary Clinton. I am not happy about that. I supported Donald Trump in the South Carolina primary and voted for him this morning. Trump wold give the establishments of both parties a much needed jolt. I am also not keen on suffering through another four or eight years of Clinton scandals. It would be nice if more people came around to these conclusions too. Alas, even tough the polls have tightened in recent days, they have not tightened enough. The result will be much closer than most think, but Clinton will still come out on top.
     Take heart, folks. My track record at predicting president elections is an abysmal one out of three. I predicted John Kerry in 2004 and Mitt Romney in 2012. The only race I have gotten right so far while blogging was the 2008 contest That one was a forgone conclusion in favor of Barack Obama over John McCain, so it probably should not count. But if it did not, then I would never have predicted a presidential race correctly. So it counts. I will also throw in I called the Brexit wrong. Predicting voter behavior is one of my weakest political science skills.
       The Republicans will keep both the House and Senate, but with slimmer margins. 

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