Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday Motivation

       For the sake of full disclosure, I am particularly amused by the new found fondness for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange conservatives have engaged in since hacked emails regarding the Democratic party organization and the Hillary Clinton campaign have been made public lately. Conservatives certainly are not o happy with Edward Snowden revealing the government spying practices on American citizens in spite of his similar motives to Assange. But political alliances are always a matter of convenience, so surprise, really.
       Assange remains in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London in order to avoid extradition. Up until yesterday, he enjoyed internet access to continue his work. His internet access has now been cut off, presumably an act by the government of Ecuador at the behest of the United States government. Attempting to influence the presidential election with new information is a big no no. it is especially frowned upon by a Democrat administration when the main target of the email leaks is a fellow Democrat. I would just like to throw it out there that if Assange was was lying, no one would care what was in those leaked email.
       The debate over the morality of Assange's actions is one for another time. I just felt like posting the above photo. It has been posted on may of my usual web haunts today as a message to Wikileaks' supporters. Whether you agree with their philosophy of exposing secrets, it helps to be reminded in general to keep fighting the good fight as you see it. So here is your Tuesday motivation to take up your sword and carry on.

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