Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Worst of American Culture and Government

       I would like to build off yesterday's discussion regarding the elitist v. populist divide in the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. As noted, the two of them are remarkably unpopular even among those who would normally adhere to partisan loyalty. The answer as to why doe not fii neatly into political science, but it is nevertheless worth noting in the analysis of the election. Clinton and Trump are so unpopular because they represent the wort of government and culture respectively.
       Clinton is the epitome of the wort o government. She is a career politician and Washington insider who is completely separated from the reality of the lives of Americans. Witness her inability to connect with people on any sort o emotional level. Even without knowing her contempt for the ordinary folks who, as Barack Obama said, cling to their guns and religion, You can sense the division between herself and voters in her mind. She is he public servant caring for the unwashed masses from womb to the tomb. In exchange, she is exempt from the same ethics they most follow and is entitled to become wealthy for her effort.
       Then here is Trump. He was born into wealth, but increased hi personal fortune through what are perceived as ruthless and crooked ways. He relishes the celebrity spotlight and the access to pretty young women money and fame afford him. The man likes fast food scantily clad women,, two things our politically correct elite engage in conniption fits over. Trump is the loutish uncle you hope does not how up to the family cookout.
       I deliberately painted Clinton and trump in the worst possible light to make my point more clearly. These are caricatures of the two, but they are both so disliked, people will exaggerate their negative characteristics when deciding between the two at the ballot box. Some choice, huh?
       Maybe not. When it comes down to it who would you rather be more like, Clinton or Trump? A wise person would say neither, but wise people appear to be in short supply these days. Clinton really is not the feminist ideal since still let her husband cheat on her numerous times but stuck with him for political gain, so women cannot honestly aspire to be like her. The liberal idealists all went for Bernie Sanders, so they consider her second-rate in comparison. You cannot admire her compassion for the commonweal, then.
       But wait. A lot of people aspire to be rich, famous, and enjoy access to pretty women. How any times have you heard a Trump supporter appreciate he says 'what I am thinking?” Trump may appeal to a dark part of our culture, but it is still our culture. Trump res presents it in a brutally honest form. What, if anything, does Clinton represent in brutally honest form? Nothing to which anyone aspires. I think the above analysis not only explains Trump's rise, but why he could still win on November 8th.
    Whichever candidate wins, the election demands some soul searching for Americans. How did we wind up with these two candidates? What do their rise to power say about our criteria for selecting leaders? Most importantly, do these candidates truly reflect our society? If so, we have much work to do against cultural decay.       

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