Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Dam Burst Four Years Ago

      It was actually a diveticula that burst four years ago, but the title is a fantastic metaphor for all subsequent occurrences. I have rolled down an incredibly strange, unpredictable hill during the last four years. The unusual part of the journey probably is not over yet—if, in fact, it ever is for anyone.
       I recounted what happened that night in When the Moment of Truth Arrives. I wrote the blog post over two years ago. In deciding whether to recount the story again here, I perused the post and decided t link to the original instead. I says everything I would want to say now, so why rehash such a dark time. The story is there for you edification should you choose to read it.
       The diverticula burst seems like it happened in a different life now. It really was, I suppose. My life is far different now. It has mostly changed for the better. As noted, it was a bumpy journey to arrive at this point. I have chronicled the ride in many posts here, too. The question remains—as always—what next?


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