Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Spelling Doom the First Time in the Public Eye

       Two days ago, I posted a screen cap fro Team Chavis attacking a spelling error from a post written by the current Darlington County sheriff's wife on her Facebook page. Hr post regarded the photo of a man being “assisted” filling out his ballot by an elected official when assistance is only supposed to be offered by impartial poll managers. Team Chavis declined to elaborate on the issue at hand in their response, opting instead to call the post “hateful' and dismiss the opinion of anyone with a spelling error. So I felt compelled to point out the grammatical error in Team Chavis' response. Because hypocrisy is a terrible thing.
       But let us take this a little further. Team Chavis finally elaborate on their criticism yesterday. I would applaud the attempt to put some intelligent rationale behind said criticism, but I cannot even manage a polite golf clap at the results. Team Chavis defends the right of the fellow photographed to have assistance because he is illiterate. Fine. No one I denying he should not vote or have assistance in voting, least of all me. But why say someone with a spelling error on a Facebook post not deserve to be taken seriously while simultaneous defending an illiterate's right to vote as sacred? I do not even want to get into the philosophical underpinnings of voting rights. I just marvel at the cognitive dissonance on display.
       I feel I should point out the current sheriff's wife is also undergoing chemotherapy. While I accept politics rarely gives quarter, there are three pints to consider regarding the recent engagement by Team Chavis with her. One, the race is over. There is no point to making swipes. Two, her husband halted political activities during a Chavis family tragedy. Where is the return courtesy/ Finally, this is indicative of how Team Chavis will act in the public eye. Trust me. I watched them for nearly a decade in private. You ain't seen nuthin' yet!

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